The ruins of Salt Lake City (Junkyard or
the Iron Oasis) is the most advanced city
left in the Wasted West and the capital of
the new Iron Alliance. Junkyard can provide
just about anything a survivor needs in the
way of pre- or post-war tech, as long as
she has the dinero to pay for it.

The Iron Oasis sits at the foot of the
Wasatch Mountains on a dry and dusty
plain. From a distance, it looks exactly like
its name, a jumbled pile of rusted metal.
Up close, it doesn’t look much better, but at
least some signs of life are visible.

Since the Harvest, Junkyard is jam-packed
with refugees living off algae and water
handouts from Junkyard’s Council, and
their numbers seem to grow larger with
each passing week.

Junkyard has a population of roughly 9,000
people, with a full-time militia of around
800 troops. Space is at a premium inside the
city walls, but for the lucky ones who live
there, there is running water, electricity, TV,
phone service, and even a limited internet!

Another 5,000 folks are camped in the
shantytowns that have sprung up outside
the walls since the Harvest, as well as
another 2,000 or more mutants in their own
separate camp centered around a “Welcome
Center.” Joan and her Heretics set this up to
indoctrinate the children of the Glow into
the ways of “civilized” mutantdom.

Junkyard lays claim to all territory within
50 miles of its walls. Deseret Routes 80
and 84 are cleared and maintained, with
checkpoints at the border. One peculiarity
of Junkyard’s territory is the Amnesty
Zone. No one can be arrested or attacked
for crimes committed outside the city’s
borders, which encourages peaceful trade
with the many gangs that bring trade to the
Iron Oasis.

Bloodsport Arena


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