Mak'in Arrows

Making arrows should not be as easy as taking a walk in the woods. Decent arrowheads and arrow shafts that are straight and true, are hard to come by, not to mention the lack of birds to collect feathers. It takes a smart hombre to know what to grab when scrounging that can be turned into a aerodynamic and balanced agent of death.

To make one ammo level of arrows, first the player must have at least $5 in ‘cash’, and than make a Smarts -2 roll to see if he has scavenged the right items to make his arrows.

On a success, he has what he needs to make one ammo level worth of arrows (one additional with a raise, but its capped at Very High level), and must expend $5 from his ‘cash’ per arrow ammo level.

This cannot be attempted again until he scavenges for more items.

He, or someone he knows, must now must make a Repair roll at -2 per ammo level. A failure expends his scavenged arrow items, they just weren’t the right things, or they were to fragile and broke, etc.

Mak'in Arrows

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