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    [[Boston | East of the Mississippi]] [[The High Plains]] [[The Great Basin]]

  • Vault 11

    "As it ends, so it begins." Several hundred feet beneath the outer hills surrounding Boston, MA, rests Vault 11, a joint U.S. Military & private sector facility. Its sole purpose to preserve a unit of C-SOG soldiers, specifically selected and trained …

  • USAF Olivia Station

    [[File:653425 | class=media-item-align-center | 513x307px | IMG_0678.JPG]] Station Olivia was a USAF operated listening station, that intercepted and decoded Confederate communications. It became exceptionally busy in the period before the war, with …

  • The Quarry

    A series of catwalk platforms down the sides of The Quarry make up the town proper. Shanty homes lean up against the sheer walls at varying intervals and heights on platforms pinned to the granite cliffs. Large cages hang from hemp rope and dangle in and …

  • ArcJet Laboratories

    ArcJet Laboratories was a pre-War military and civilian aerospace contractor in the United States, specializing in communications, propulsion systems, and custom-built high-tech aviation equipment. This large facility now lays abandoned in Cambridge

  • Bloodsport Arena

    h1. Tootsie's A mutli-level dive bar installed in an abandoned 19th century brick warehouse. Inside a large, enclosed cage showcases various fights to the death from everything from giant rad-scorpions to strung out junkies. The owner, Tootsie, takes …