Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Sessions 29 - 33;The Final Chapters

...or is it?


February 3rd – 5th, 2098

Thomas E. Deathe

So the posse lick their wounds and press on towards their objective: to get video footage of the area, specifically the “tunneler” that the Combine used to enter northern Utah in an attempt to flank the Iron Alliance during a battle a few years ago, now known as The Harvest.

They spot it in the side of the mountains in the distance and begin their ascent. Strange green vapors crawl out of the opening around the tunneler as it sits precariously on the edge of the rough opening it carved as it passed through the mountainous barrier.

They reach the top and find a way inside. They get the footage they need, and there was nothing much to see; just an empty rig full of dead black hats.

On the way out they are greeted by a man dressed like a preacher, who claimed to on a pilgrimage and said he was watching them for a while. He offered to heal up their injuries, in return for some company. They agreed. DJ’s new character now that Droid had perished: introducing Thomas B. Deathe; a toxic shaman

Iron Dragons

They head back to the Junkyard with the stranger, and in route are attacked by a gang of bikers. They recognize one as having been part of the gang that attacked them earlier, on the way to Logan. They prevail with some great use of a barrier spell by Elmo, and their new member’s Thomas eerie power of controlling some sort of smoke fiend, and glowing bugs. The leader speeds off, but Sammo leaps onto one of the motorcycles’ and chases after him.

_Sammo has no driving skills, but rolled aces. He caught up and it came down to Sammo’s final benny saving him on a soak roll after taking serious damage. Facing the final villain, and with some serious hurt, Sammo cries, “I’m going to kill both you guys!”, and promptly skewered the outlaw._

The leader had a tat which read, “Iron Dragons”. The posse also gained some new wheels.

Back at the Junkyard

Back in town, they hand over the video footage to Ike Taylor, and Ike introduces them to Dr. Schwartz. _Which the posse greets with the obvious, “I see the Schwartz is with you, sir.”

They learn that Snake had lead the Sky Pirates attack on Logan, after killing his leader who refused the task. Sammo tells Ike that Snake served under him on their journey from Boston. Elmo mentions that many have served under Captain Hung…most have suffocated.

When they described the grey-haired woman to Ike, he suggests it sounded like Cynthia Bright, the Librarian who was in charge of the community at the time of the bombing, but that would almost be an impossibility for her to have survived.

They are shown to their new home; an old hardware store in town. It needs some serious repair, but it has a loading dock, a work space, and an upstairs living area.

They are soon asked to take on another task, but have to refuse. They need to go back and rescue Dr. Zoydberg. Bullett gets them resupplied without official approval because he appreciates their willingness to put their lives on the line for the town.

Four Neo-Luddites Approach

In route back to Logan, they are approached by four men, who turn out to be Josiah, Zebediah, and two more neo-luddites from back in Alliance, NE. They felt a callin’ to seek out their leader, El Minster. The posse felt it best to leave out the fact he was zombie-food and simply left it as they didn’t know where he was.

They notice Thomas E. Deathe with the group and draw their weapons. “They apparently don’t like you, Thomas”. Thomas pulled an adventure card that introduced sworn enemies in exchange for an extra adventure card draw Before much could be discussed, Thomas unleashed his swarm of insects which devoured two of the Luddites, and the posse took off on their motorcycles, leaving the remaining two neo-luddites far behind.

The Rattler

Back in Logan the posse pick their way through the ruins seeking clues. Suddenly the ground shakes and they take cover. It subsides and they notice that the tunneler up in the cliff face was pushed further out, as if somebody had started it and moved it … or something had pushed it from behind.

They move towards it to investigate when it suddenly shoots forward and crashes down the mountainside. The heroes climb up into the opening expecting black hats, or worse.

It’s worse.

Dozens of slimy tentacles emerge from the darkness and attempt to grasp hold of them. * Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver* reaches for her C.L.I.T. to activate it and says, “I haven’t touched this in forever…”

The tentacles lead to the mouth of some gigantic creature that rushes out of the pitch black forcing them to retreat back down the cliff face. It chases them and a epic battle takes place. Thomas E. Death knows what it is aced his common knowledge: a Rattler! He knows there’s a weakness just inside its gaping maw; a nerve cluster. He informs the team. The trick is getting close enough. Srt. Rex attempts to toss a grenade inside and Srgt. Rex is promptly swallowed whole!

Deathe gets a few blasts near but not near enough. Meanwhile Capt. Sammo Hung’s manitou decides its time to bail, and takes over Sammo’s body, but realizes the only chance of survival is to defeat the creature. Sammo uses his Soul Eater power, and wounds the beast! Having never been injured before, it scurries away, down into the earth.

The rest of the party had made a break for it during Sammo’s battle with the rattler, and made their way to the bikes. Sammo’s manitou is in hot pursuit. That battle was too close for comfort and knows as long as Sammo’s friends live, it will never truly be safe.

It attends to kill them all.

Dr. Zoydberg In Chains and the Ruins Have Eyes

A figure lay atop a collapsed building watching the battle below. Its Oaf! The reformed black hat that traveled from Boston with the posse, and was ordered by Sammo to protect the group of survivors back in Nebraska, which included Lucy Abernathy’s mother. Geno picked up that NPC and we made him into a PC now that Sgt. Rex appears to have died

The party had taken the spark plugs out of the motorcycles to prevent anyone from stealing them, but now it may have sealed their fate. Misty rushes to start putting them back while Sammo descends upon them, blades slashing. Misty uses her telepathy and keeps pushing him backwards, slowing him down, and it seems to be working!

Meanwhile… Oaf hears some movement behind him and quickly turns his head. Just in time! A dozen undead horrors were sneaking up on him! He leaps forward and runs for the group, yellling, “Zombies!” He almost gets shot by friendly fire until they realize who he is.

Suddenly, the withered, grey haired woman appears, along with several more zombies, dragging Doc Zoydberg behind them, unconscious and in heavy chains. somebody had the adventure card that allowed all the PCs to draw another adventure card, but the villains gained reinforcements. The GM couldn’t resist bringing the BIG BAD back. Sammo’s manitou decides its time to make a run for it and heads deep into the ruins away from the action.

Thomas E. Deathe’s smoke creature quickly falls in the carnage. Elmo and Oaf attempt to escape on one of the bike’s Mistyfast was able to repair, but quickly wreck it. Elmo is hit by a fear spell cast by the woman, and goes catatonic! failed fear check, gains another phobia

Sammo regains control of his body, and uses his comm to check in.

“Team! What’s Elmo’s position!?”


Mistyfast, with some quick thinking and amazing use of her powers, is able to rescue Zoydberg/maybe-daughter, and clears out.

Meanwhile, Thomas E. Deathe, while attempting to protect his new friends, falls.

The heroes are overrun and they fall back, leaving Thomas behind, so they can live to fight another day.

Konan and the Final Showdown

They make it back to the Junkyard and tell Ike Taylor about the situation. Knowing he cannot have an army of undead 90 miles from the undefendable shanty towns surrounding his fortress, he assembles his best soldiers and inform the party that they plan to set forth to Logan at dawn.

The next morning they head out. The party is introduced to one of the soldiers who will be riding along with them in one of the trucks. His name is Konan, and they find out he’s one of the shanty town guards, and pit-fighter, who is friends with Bullet. He’s huge, maybe only slight smaller than Sammo, but all muscle. He and Sammo both climb into the cab, and the truck tilts forward, lifting the rear wheels off the ground. Konan is Jake’s newest character; his 4th attempt at surviving the wastelands (though to be fair, Lucy is living out in the hills with the Sioux

They reach Logan and spread out. They eventually converge on the long abandoned ruins of some sort of science facility. Ike’s team have a Geiger counter, and its picking up rads in the area. They also notice many footprints coming and going from the structure.

They enter and find the opening to another vault. On the way down its shaft, they find stenciled on the walls, “Vault 03”.

Vault 03 and the Wormlings

Once at the bottom, they spread out and find it of the same design as the vault they themselves emerged from several months ago. They find one of the hallways ends in a massive collapse that breached the facility. They can only surmise it was one of the rattlers tunnels that broke through at some point.

They back track to have Ike’s team lower down the Geiger counter to them when they are attacked by horrifying creatures eight foot tall, covered in some sort of exoskeleton, a mouth full of long slimy tentacles, and insectoid eyes.

Elmo is grabbed and taken by one down a burrowed hole, which collapses in on him as they move through it. He panics again! Poor Elmo has failed so many fear checks, he has more phobias than a psyche text book can list!

The disgusting creatures vomit acid, ruining armor and gear! Eventually they are able to defeat these abominations, and save Elmo in the process.

They move on to find a cryogenic chamber, the same as theirs was. Mistyfast makes quick work of the door with her plasma torch, only to find all the occupants deceased within.

They follow the Geiger counter into a larger chamber, which clearly contains the fusion generator. When they approach, they hear the voice of the grey-haired woman echo from the darkness.

“You have returned for your friend, but instead you will all die, muahahaha!”

The Final Countdown

More wormlings fall from the piping in the ceiling down upon them! Nearby, Thomas E. Death is strapped to a table, having slowly awakened from unconsciousness to find his comrades under duress up on the walkway 20 ft. above.

As he attempts to break free, his faithful pet Smog returns and helps break his straps! And just in time as a dozen Burnin’ Dead emerge from a giant hole in the side of the wall.

The grey-haired woman screeches, “You don’t know it yet, but YOU ARE ALL ALREADY DEAD!”

Mistyfast notices the Geiger counter going crazy and realizes somethings up with the fusion reactor and turns herself incorporeal, and races to its control panel, to find that a meltdown is imminent. She works to find a way to override the system, and return the coolant to its core while there is still time! Savage Worlds Dramatic Tasks activated

In the battle, Elmo falls first. Oaf, attempting to break off hand-to-hand with a wormling to get a chance to open up full-auto on it, is disemboweled, and is dead before he hits the grated floor. Next Konan, having withstood many blows, falls over the side of the elevated walkway to the cement floor below.

Only Sammo, Mistyfast and Thomas E. Deathe (T.E.D.) remain standing. T.E.D. has been wrecking the Burnin’ Dead with his flesh devouring bug-blasts, and took down the grey-haired woman, only to watch her only re-emerge where one of the zombies previously was standing, fully healed and fully pissed-off.

Misty continues her attempt to override the system, even while the Burnin’ Dead are upon her! T.E.D. attempts to save her with his blasts, and kills all but one remaining zombie! Unfortunately the one’s he killed have erupted in EMP blasts that shut down both Mistyfast, and the control panel she was working on! The Burnin’ Dead are known to perish in a burst of electromagnetic radiation, making them very dangerous to electronics, and to cyborgs. T.E.D. makes a mental note of this.

The grey-haired woman uses her “puppet” power and captures T.E.D. so he can no longer be a thorn in her side. Its all over but the fat woman singing. In this case, the fat kung-fu hero fleeing. Sammo high-tails it out of the room and races to the precipice they found earlier created by the rattler’s tunnel. He leaps over the edge at the same moment the fusion reactor’s core melts through the floor, igniting a nuclear reaction. Sammo had the adventure card “Out of the Frying Pan,” that saved him from certain death, but leads him to further trouble.

“Ka-Boooomm!!!!!!!” The facility collapses and the blast ripples up through the earth, blowing Logan, Ike Taylor, and his army up into Utah’s dry sky.

Is this the end of our heroes? Did Sammo somehow avoid certain death in the nuclear fire? Is Sgt. Rex still alive inside the rattler’s digestive track?

This is the end of our tale for now, my friends. Thank you for reading our Tale from the Weird West!


My guess is that we are like the Cylons from BSG. The whole crew will wake up after being downloaded in to new chassis. Am I right?


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