Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Sessions 27 & 28: Junkyard & Logan


Players Present: Elmo Maddox, Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver, El Minster, ‘Droid’ Carver, Capt. Sammo Hung | ABSENT Srgt. Rex

February 3rd, 2098

Several days prior, during the journey to the Junkyard in Utah, Snake disappeared during his watch one night, without leaving a word as to why. The group figures it was due to Mistyfast’s clearly not liking him and blaming him still for the lost of the Stuart.

Our posse finally make it to Junkyard, Utah to find it surrounded by thousands of displaced people nearly starving and lacking clean water. They set up base camp and set out to explore the lay of the land.

Filling up the barren, lifeless ground outside the outer wall to a distance of a quarter mile is a stinking mass of tents, lean-tos, shacks, and shanties in which roughly 4,000 people live, sustained only by the daily dole of algae from [some guy named] Doc Schwartz’s hydroponic gardens and water trucked in from the Iron Oasis. Food riots are becoming more and more common, and not a day passes that a waster isn’t killed over a milrat or liter of clean water. Anyone with a supply of food can demand about any price, though those stuck out in the camps are typically those with nothing to their names. Prostitution is common, as is organ-
legging and deathsports, as folks try to get by day to day.

They sell some extra gear, including the winchesters from Minatare, and decided to enter Sammo in a deathsport match, betting most of their “widgets” (junkyard’s currency) and winning big, pissing of the establishment’s owner Tootsey, a scarred, tattooed, muscular woman with an icy stare.

They spend it on some battle armor and ammo mostly. They are noticed by one of Ike Taylor’s guards, Bullett, who takes them to meet the Junkyard’s leader, and they are offered a job tracking down what happened up in Logan, which was blasted by the Sky Raiders on Ike’s orders during The Harvest a few year’s back once he got word the Combine was attempting to flank his army from this small community. Ike wants to know what the Combine was up to, and wants video evidence to prove it. They take the job and head out.

In route they are ambushed by some wasteland raiders, who they quickly dispatch, but not before their horse is killed. They walk the rest of the way and get there at dusk.

They wisely decided to put up camp before entering the remains of Logan and enter at first light. They find the skeletal remains of the town in the center of a massive blast crater. They creep through the debris when suddenly the echos of a womans laughter echo throughout the valley.

“You will pay for your treachery, Junkyard!” she screeches.

Suddenly over a dozen of undead rise from the piles of rubble and attack! Some of them are burning as if on fire! Burn’in Dead!

The battle is brutal. Our posse gets surrounded and have to fight back to back in close proximity to fend off the relentless undead. Elmo’s Hell FIre flames kill many but not without damaging Mistyfast heavily.

When dust finally settles, Droid and El Minster both fell to onslaught. El Minster (Jake) roll snake eyes on incapacitation roll! Droid (DJ) was knocked unconscious by an exploding Burnin Dead’s EMP and the undead went for his brains before he could be saved

The cackling voice echos again, " You will know what true loss feels like! You will know my pain! She’s mine now, your DAUGHTER is mine!"

At first the posse is confused, but quickly they realize that Doc Zoydberg is missing. They must have grabbed her during the fight.

Daughter? Could Zoydberg be Mistyfast’s daughter she learned was hidden from her by Earl back in Boston!?

The posse discover a blood trail leading deeper into the ruins, and pursue the laughter. They catch sight of undead dragging a bleeding and unconscious Zoydberg, while a withered crone of a woman with long, grey hair leads the way. She glances back and they see glowing yellow pupils open wide. Sammo blasts through a wall and catches up and kills one of the undead carrying Zoydberg, but is held up by the other while another grabs her and carrys her off.

They lose sight of them in the maze of twisted steel and rubble. We used the chase rules from SW core book

Stay tuned for more HELL ON EARTH!



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