Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Session 25: Neo-Luddites

and a Neo-Ally


Players Present: Elmo Maddox, Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver, Srgt. Rex, El Minster, SAMMO ABSENT BUT PLAYED AS NPC

Jan. 5th – Jan. 19th, 2098

The posse tends to Capt. Sammo Hung who lay incapacitated near the mound of rendered flesh and shattered bones that was the Gorestorm. With the benefit of experience of resuscitating him many, many times, they are able to get him standing on short-order, albeit at the expense of the quickly depleting stores of components and fresh meat….

“We are low on meat to digest?” Rex asks with raised eye-brows, “I’m seeing a ton of it right here at our feet!”

Doc Zoydberg, Jerry ‘Snake’ Snakowski and Eugene turn away from the gruesome scene.

The group decides to track the startled horse that ran off with their gear. Doc Zoydberg hear’s it whinnying to the south and they set off into the darkness to find it.

After an hour or so they suddenly hear footsteps and the low-mumble of subdued voices over a rise. Sammo yells out, “Show yourselves!” and the party hears the steps pause than quickly head in their direction, one set directly towards them, the other separating to their right.

Several human forms appear at the top of rise sporting laser sights. ‘Droid’ Carver, using his electromagnetic vision, notices the telltale electromagnetic signatures of Combine weapons.

" Black hats !" he yells.

The firefight ensues with the party easily overpowering them after a few moments. With ammo running low, its clear that they will need to find a resupply soon.

The posse finds their way back to the main road and head west. After several hours of hoofing it, they approach a desolate looking farm. They are spotted and the farmer and his wive rush inside and slam the door. No amount of persuasion by Sammo brings forth any information regarding the nearest town, or if they would be willing to supply food and water to the party, so they search the outbuilding and find nothing but an old musty bandoleer.

Snake attempts to snatch some eggs, but Sammo stops him with threats. Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver had already berated him earlier, blaming Snake for losing the Stuart in the Sioux Nations due to his poor knowledge of the area. Snake is not a happy camper right now, and storms off furious.

Droid offers up a water treatment kit to the family and leaves it on their porch. As he walks off, he hears the farmer yell, “There’s a town 6 miles to the west…asshole!”

Alliance, Nebraska

After passing several more sad farms, they eventually reach Alliance, a village in the middle of the High Plains of western Nebraska. They are greeted by guards posted on top of the wall, all wearing long dark dusters and wide brimmed hats, and armed with what appears to be muskets. One has a sword strapped to his back. He speaks.

“Hail there. What is your purpose.”

“Trade. We need ammunition, food , supplies… and a vehicle if you have one.”

The men snicker softly.

“Well, alright then. We are on short supply of vehicles, but we’ve got food, ammo of a sort. If you want entry, we will send out men to collect your firearms, otherwise be on your way.”

After some discussion the posse agrees and two disagreeable looking men come out with bags and collect their guns, but allowed to keep their knives. They are allowed entry and are introduced to the sword wielding man, whose name they learn is Zebediah.

“Of course its, Zebediah.”

They are brought to the town elder, an old mexican named El Minster, who resides in an old church now converted into some sort of spiritual center, and seem to worship a man named Avis Quinlan, who started a anti-technology movement after the bombs dropped, and now call themselves the Neo-Luddites.

“Well, do you at least have some freak’in horses for trade?”

“Just so happens we need us some wells dug. Labor-for-horses. Agreed?”


Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver works with the village blacksmith, Joe, to develop a simple yet effective drilling device made of iron, while the rest of the party scour the market for anything of value, coming up short of the needed caliber ammo for their guns, being that the caliber was of the pre-1850 variety.

The work goes smooth but slow. The weather holds and they are able to drill several well heads in two weeks.

On the last day of work they are approached by several mean-spirited men led by one named Floyd, who have taken notice of Mistyfast’s devices strapped to her arm and waist. It becomes clear that they don’t take kindly to, “Fucking Junkers”, and view them as an abomination.

Overhearing the altercation, El Minster quickly attempts to intervene, but the words exchanged between Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ and Floyd caused damage beyond a repair, and Floyd demands justice. El Minster agrees to a dual at sunset.

‘Mistyfast’, not one to be delayed by menfolk, especially of this breed, agrees, but demands immediate resolution. El Minster gathers the townfolk, and the face off begins.

We decided to use the dueling rules from the original Deadlands Reloaded ruleset, our first time attempting them

With icy stares, ‘Mistyfast’ and Floyd face off.

‘Mistyfast’ speaks first, “I’ve raped corpses that were tougher than you…”

Infuriated, Floyd draws first but takes too long setting up his sights, Mistyfast shoots from the hip like a striking viper, hitting him square between the eyes, and he falls in a heap, while his errant shot goes wide.

With anger in their eyes, his friends go to collect Floyd’s body, but not before Mistyfast strolls over and collects his pistol and sword, all the while smiling at them in the process.

“This ain’t over, Junker”, she hears them say.

El Minster sensing the way of things, tells the angry men that he will accompany the newcomers, and determine if they are truly Junkers, or have simply comeby the evil tech by happenstance, as they’ve testified. Floyd’s remaining posse grudgingly agrees, their fingers twitching dangerously close to their weapons…

And so it came to be that El Minster, the wizened sage of Alliance, Nebraska, joined our posse’s adventure in the Wasted West.

Having started out on the journey late in the day with the two horse-powered covered wagon provided by the village, they travel a few hours before the setting sun revealed to them a small ruined town, now inhabitated by rifle toting Walking Dead

Even without the comforts of a fusion powered APC, our posse quickly dispatch the undead menace and secure the town, which surely will be scavenged thoroughly in our next episode of…




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