Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Session 18: DeLorean Factory; Part I

Final Danse with the Devil


November 22nd, 2097

Absent: nobody

Boston Airport Ruins

Danse watches the damaged cyborgs exit the Stuart and it just re-afforms the decision to lay low for while. They are in no condition to take down the Combine’s operations at the Delorean Assembly Plant right now. Their assault on CIT’s underground stronghold, though overwhelmingly successful, still took its toll.

He remembered his US military mission with the heavy cyborgs before everything went to hell. How they chewed what looked like computer components and raw meat to repair. They had special team medics that could both stitch up a wound as well as weld a tank. Well, the local market is out of business, so he sent the kid Lucy out to forage. Dangerous, but necessary. Worst case she doesn’t make it back.

One less deader to deal with.

Danse still didn’t really understand why he didn’t leave them all behind to die while the CIT collapsed around them. Something about the way Capt. Sammo Hung was going to sacrifice himself for the team… He knew that was a weakness he would have to overcome eventually.

November 28nd, 2097

Danse scratches at the stubble on his chin, the kid has done good. Plenty of food and water for a while. ‘Droid’ Carver was able to reach his secret admirer, Comsat too, and gain us some aerials of the facility. At least we won’t be going in blind.

Its been long enough, time to move out. The gear heads are as patched up as they are going to be, and the Combine has had too much time already to roll some Automatons off the line, can’t let them get too strong. Its time to strike.

Lucy rolled survival skill for 5 days accumulating 16 lbs of meat, and the team used 4lbs for healing along with 9 of Mistyfast’s component stockpile

Danse ordered Jerry ‘Snake’ Snakowski to follow in the Vertibird with [Armstead], [Harris], and Lucy. Everyone else piled in the Stuart. A rainstorm blew in with the rising sun. Danse thought that it was appropriate, going to screw up the plan with the satellite feed, but he was not going to delay any further.

The plan was simple; Snake takes out the guard towers, the Stuart does drive-bys lobbing grenades and strafing heavy laser fire to weaken the defenses before they infiltrate and destroy the assembly lines.

Just have to watch out for that Widow Maker.

Delorean Assembly Plant


Everything begins as planned. Danse watched the Vertibird wipe out the north east tower with ease, while they take out the south east one. The gate to the loading area is open, and as they cruise pass, they take out several Automatons standing in formation. For a second he actually thought this was going to be easy.

Until the Widow Maker came out of no where and opened up on them, shredding the right side of the Stuart and damaging the reactor. Sammo barely keeps the vehicle from flipping end over end while they spin out, stopping with their ass to the enemy.

Mistyfast radios to Snake for immediate extraction. Snake roger’s that, and drops off Lucy on the factory’s rooftop, where she finds several mines placed strategically around a concealed landing pad.

Dance has a strange moment where he see’s a strange vision as if time stops; he and the ’borgs file out of the Stuart, only to all die the fire power of the remaining Automatons and Widow Maker, just as the Vertibird descends to extract them.

Snapping back to reality he knows what he must do, and orders them to remain inside the Stuart until Snake arrives. The team continues to fire the remaining working weaponry at the black hats manning the wall while Danse exits with a battle cry; his power armor beginning to glow with a strange white luminescence…

Danse knows there’s only one way to win this now. He bolts past the black hats and automatons, ignoring their bullets ricocheting off his steel body, and plants himself directly under the 4 legged, 15 ft. monstrosity, and punches his suits final code for self-destruct.

The last thing he screams over the comm is, “Never forget! Save humanity! Save civilization!”

The ground shutters and the explosion shatters glass windows and knocks the surround enemy to their feet. When the blinding light subsides, all that is left of Danse and the WIdow Maker is a smoking crater.

Snake easily drops in during the distraction to perform the extraction. Nobody notices his watering eye.

They slip back up to the rooftop and touch down and trigger one of the rooftop’s mines, but Snake was able to maintain control and touch down. They fall out and prepare for the final assault.

To be continued…



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