Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Operation Damocles : Session 7

The Dead Returned; A Dark Secret Revealed; Ack-Ack part II


Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

November 8th – 16th, 2097

Absent: Elmo Maddox | Srgt. Rex

Ten Pines
The party, still shell shocked from their encounter with the unearthly hounds, collect their wounded, but before departing find a bloody, left-handed palm print on the side of a nearby shed and the number eleven painted in blood.

As they drive back to USAF Olivia Station, they receive a call over their comm from Elmo Maddox telling them to get back to base, asap.

They arrive to find the base unguarded and assume the worst and proceed inside cautiously.

The Dead Returned
They walk into a tense confrontation between Elmo, Rex, Preston Garvey and his followers, and an unexpected visitor… Slade, their fallen c-SOG comrade who they buried behind Olivia Station several days earlier.

Slade slowly turns and stares at their arrival and asks, “What… What is happening to me!” The party notices the tips of his fingers are torn away, revealing shiny claw-like metallic finger bones.

Slade slowly makes his way to a chair and sits down, while Sturges checks his vitals and reports back to the team, that there are no vitals, Slade appears to still be dead.

Everyone is terrified, and in the moment of panic, ‘Gypsy’ Imoen silently walks up behind Slade, draws her 9mm, and shoots him the back of the head, killing him—again.

Anger and confusion from everyone, but Gypsy just shrugs and says that Slade clearly was an unnatural undead horror, and had to be put down.

A Dark Secret Revealed
Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver furious at Gypsy’s unremorseful behavior goes over to Capt. Samo Hung’s unconscious form and stops in her tracks. The light from the ceiling is reflecting off of the large, gaping wound in his face. The others notice her staring and see it too. They investigate and find that Hung, their leader, also has some sort of metallic skeleton underneath his flesh.

A horrified, knowing expression falls on ‘Droid’ Carver’s face, and pulls out his knife and peels the flesh away from his own finger, revealing that he too, has a metal skeleton. The others C-SOg soldiers follow suit, and stare in disbelieve at one another.

“We are $&%*ing Cyborgs! What did the military do to us!”, Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver exclaims. And they begin to think back to all the evidence over the last week since awakening from their 16 year slumber: the odd comment by the Vault 11 security officer in his log stating, “We should have told them the truth…”, the way the raiders drugs never worked on them, how Ack-Ack was able to have an integrated gatling gun as a right arm….

All of the c-SOG soldiers, both Team Alpha and Team Bravo, must have been… changed, when they were in cryogenic stasis.

Gypsy reflects on her recent act, her killing of Slade, and how now she understood that he was as they are, an almost unstoppable killing machine. Slade was only disorientated, confused, looking for help amongst friends. Now forever gone in a moment of terror.

Preston Garvey and his followers agree to trust the party, for now. But there are serious reservations. Sturges agrees to study Slades remains, in hopes to come up with more answers. Sturges does say that his old mentor, Jonesy, told him once that he worked for the US military, making machines out of men, to fight against the Confederates.

The party rests for several days to lick their wounds and come to terms with there newly revealed dark-secret.

Hung improves quickly, and is soon nearly fully recovered save his new scar on his face.

Carver spends time trying to reach the Mysterious Benefactor on the satellite’s terminal and finally reaches her/him, and discovers whomever this person is, they are in earth’s orbit, directly over North America, and simplly calls herself, “a friend”. S/he also gives Carver a new command code that opens up the ability to see through his teammates eyes, he shares this with the reset of the party.

Return of Bug
During their repose, the exiled Ack-Ack raiders: Bug, Scar, Mercatroid & Malachai return with a truck load of supplies retrieved from a cache that Ack-Ack had set aside in the hills in case of an emergency. They say it was already picked through, but this was what remained, and offered it to the party in exchange for refuge, and a place among the Minutemen, citing the mercy shown to them moved them, and they want to remain to help. The party accepts them with the understanding that they still had a long way to go to earn their trust, and promptly arm and train them.

Gypsy takes to patrolling between the nearby settlements of The Quarry and Abernathy Farm, and the rest of group begins training the settlements in defensive tactics and maneuvers so they can better defend themselves against the threats of the wasteland.

Bug and Scar move to The Quarry acting as town guards, and Malachai and Mercatroid do the same at Abernathy Farms.

A Trader Arrives
Gypsy, while at The Quarry, meets Carla, a trader who moves between Bunker Hill and the rest of the commonwealth around Boston. She travels in an old yellow school bus, with a tricked out 4-wheel lifter kit, and flame thrower mounts. She is accompanied by her four sons, who serve as bodyguards.

Gypsy also learns that Concord is the scene of a massacre, where dozens of raiders were drawn and quartered, and hung about the town, along with a sign that read, “Lawbreakers beware your fate. – The Minutemen have returned”

The party immediately believes Ack-Ack is responsible, attempting to turn the area against them.

Gypsy trades away most of her armaments found the last few days, and purchases a compound bow. Carla moves on to Olivia Station where the rest of the group makes some trades as well.

Ack-Ack, Part II
On the 8th day since the discovery of their machine-like nature, Gypsy travels to Abernathy Farms in hopes to do some trading with Lucy Abernathy to get some arrows, when suddenly a truck crests the hill and barrels down upon the hapless farming community.

Gypsy quickly radios for help, and the rest of team luckily were just down the road but can’t get there in time before all hell breaks loose.

Carl, stationed along the roof of Abernathy Farms tower, takes a shot at Ack-Ack but misses, and she crashes her truck into the building, collapsing the structure in upon itself.

Carl somehow survives and see’s Ack-Ack getting out of her truck and shoots, but is too shaken to hit. Ack-Ack returns fire blowing him outside the entry way, instantly killing him.

Blake Abernathy and Gypsy move in and exchange gun fire with Ack-Ack, when the rest of the party arrives on the scene. Ack-Ack attempts to toss a grenade but drops it instead, damaging herself and killing Mercatroid, who was sneaking up behind her in the bed of the truck!

Ack-Ack, though a powerful adversary, was outnumbered and over-matched by our heroes and their allies, finally falls, and for the last time.

As the dust settles, the party suddenly hears a strange sound coming from the sky. They turn and spot a strange craft in the distance; a large dirigible easily a hundred yards across, slowly moving along the horizon, drifting towards downtown Boston…

So ends the first chapter of Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded.



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