Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Operation Damocles - Session 5

"Return of the Minutemen"


Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

November 1st, 2097

Absent: Srgt. Rex | Elmo Maddox | ‘Gypsy’ Imoen
NPC: Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer

The party spends the evening at USAF Olivia Station to get some well needed rest and assess the situation.

While ‘Droid’ Carver is working at the terminal, he is contacted by an unnamed individual via text that simply states that s/he has been watching the party, and to NOT trust those at CIT

Capt. Samo Hung and Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver argue as to what to do with the surviving Raiders. They interrogate Bug who seems to be fully cooperating. He tells the team that Ack-Ack has been running the raiders for as long as he was part of them (Bug is early 20s maybe). She always has had a gatling gun arm, and doesn’t know how she got it. He fills them in that Ack-Ack controlled the NW territory of the commonwealth, with several settlements under her “protection”. The other raider gangs left them be, as there wasn’t shit this far from Boston worth fighting for.

They assess their supplies and have to decide to either share with wounded raiders, or shoot them in the head. Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer refuses to go along with killing them and convinces Hung to save them.

Meanwhile the Mysterious Benefactor that Carver has been talking to on the computer, gives him a code that turns on a comm unit that has been imbedded in the c-CSOG team’s neck apparently, allowing them to communicate over long distances.

They remove the chip from Slade’s corpse neck for study.

They then decide to take Lucy Abernathy home and strap Ack-Ack’s corpse to the hood of one of the three trucks they find parked outside. They travel to Abernathy Farm

Lucy tells her family how she was saved by the party, and they welcome them with open arms. Lucy’s father Blake Abernathy asks if they are Minutemen and explains their history.

Blake agrees to go with the party to Concord to introduce them to that settlement.

When they approach the are greeted by the echoing sound of gunfire off the buildings of the small town. They drop Blake off and speed off to save the community.

They find a group of raiders attacking some people trapped in an old church. The battle is bloody, and Capt. Samo Hung engages a large raider named Gristle in hand-to-hand combat, and wins.

However, he is shot down by several other raiders nearby shortly after. Doc takes one in the gut as does one of the survivors in the church.

Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver finishes the fight with her new scattergun along with the help of a strangely dressed man with a laser rifle, named. Preston Garvey



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