Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Operation Damocles - Session 3



Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

October 31, 2097

Absent: Srgt. Rex | ‘Gypsy’ Imoen
NPCs: Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer | Slade

The party awakens after a night filled with hellashish storms. Slade challenges team leader Capt. Samo Hung, and says this better not be another “Nigeria”. Its revealed that Hung, Slade, Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver were part of a covert unit sent to Nigeria to set up a base of command, and recon the area to develop a sitrep of a local warlord. They were NOT to engage the enemy or the locals. However, Hung disobeyed and went to the rescue of a small village the warlord was attacking. Hung’s entire unit was wiped out save Slade, Mistyfast, and himself. Hung lost his hearing in the barrage of shelling the warlord had sent their way before being extracted under fire. This was developed using INTERLUDE rules

Slade ended by telling Hung that there would be no extraction this time. Don’t make the same mistake.

Elmo Maddox climbs to the roof of the gas station to get a better lay of the land, where he finds a guest, Lucy Abernathy, a 12 year-old wastlander, who knocks an arrow and aims it at him.

After a few tense moments, its discovered that Lucy is from a local farm, who is under the control of a local warlord named Ack-Ack. Ack-Ack killed Lucy’s sister, Mary, the day before and Lucy is out for blood.

She asks the party if they are friends with Ack-Ack, because she wears the same blue pajamas with the number 11 on the back!

This gets the party’s attention, and they agree to help her, with the agenda of finding out who from Vault 11, it could be.

They walk through a lightly wooded area for several miles when the come upon an old military structure known as USAF Olivia Station, which now is firmly in the control of some raiders.

They send Lucy up to get their attention in hopes of drawing the raiders out from the walled compound. Instead, they send out a pack of trained war dogs. War dogs with explosives attached to their collars, with a remote control held by one of the raiders.

Misty mutters, “Great. I.E.Dogs…”

Elmo Maddox makes a great shot and hits one of the explosives on a collar, and blows all the dogs up before they can reach the party. The rest is mop up time, however one of the raiders makes it into a cement structure which the party finds leads to a lower level below ground.

The party descends and are almost immediately attacked by more dogs, and some raiders with grenades, and sharpened hubcaps!

Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver picks one of the grenades up and tosses it back down a passageway, killing two raiders!

However, Slade is killed in the mayhem, the first of Fire Team Alpha to fall in this new, horror filled world.



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