Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Operation Damocles - Session 2

"Wild Kingdom"


Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

October 30th, 2097 (late morning)

All players present
NPCs: Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer , Slade

The party walks down a dirt road that ends into a shallow river, and a washed out bridge. On the other side they discover the remnants of a small sub-division, that appears to have been homes for military families.

The team splits up with ‘Gypsy’ Imoen scouts ahead and ‘Droid’ Carver and Capt. Samo Hung enter a home where they find a radio. They try to jerry-rig it and begin pulling wire from the wall, and already weakened structure collapses all around them. (They both rolled snake-eyes trying to McGyver the radio attempting to make a transmitter).

They were able to dive out before taking injury, however the sound of the collapse stirred up some local varmints.

Several Bloatfles fly out from a hidden nest in a home, and begin shooting maggot-filled, radioactive fluids at our heroes, who quickly dispatch the bugs with some well considered double-taps and three round bursts.

The leader of the group, Capt. Samo Hung, makes the decision to make CIT their priority, but has no idea where its at. They know that its near Boston (successful common knowledge rolls)

They follow a road south and come across a minute man statue next to an old, wooden bridge. They realize that they are on the outskirts of Concord, MA.

A mile down the road they find a long abandoned gas station, that is still in reasonably good condition. They send in ‘Gypsy’ Imoen to scout it out, and he wakes up a pack of feral dogs. They overcome the threat, and discover that underneath the gas station is a toxic dump filled with radioactive molerats.

They find an old generator with a large battery within it, still holding a partial charge. ‘Droid’ Carver takes some radiation damage from the toxic dump he doesn’t realize is nearby.

They finish off the wildlife and thoroughly search the gas station and the underground dump. This takes them late into the afternoon and they decide to set camp inside the cinderblock building, finding the roof still was intact and easily defensible.

Scrounging revealed: a stripped down sports car on a car lift inside the gas station, a large battery, a medium battery.



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