Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Operation Damocles: Session 13

Danses with Burnin Dead


Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

November 21 – 22, 2097
Absent: Jake

Somewhere in the Middle of Boston Harbor

The APC speeds across the dark water as the cold sun slowly creeps up the eastern sky. Capt. Sammo Hung slows down as they approach debris drifting in the slight waves. Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver pops open the hatch and drags a corpse close and rolls it over, revealing a heavily savaged black hat soldier, and quick search revealing nothing of value.

“Crashed Combine VTOL”, Snake says from behind her, and turns away.

Mistyfast kicks the body out, away from the Stuart. She turns and begins hauling the Doc Rogers and Bendrix’s body over to the opening to toss them outside. Snake helps her and as Sammo hits the gas, they watch the bodies drift out of sight, than close the hatch.

“Can you get this GPS working,” Sammo asks Snake.

“I’m on it,” Droid responds pushing past Snake to the passenger seat where a dashboard computer was installed. He wipes some splattered blood from the screen, and pulls up a map and Snake points out the landmarks he had stored in his portable data device.

“Sammo; here,” Droid says, “this is where we want to be,” pointing to pixilated icon representing USAF Olivia Station.

“On it,” Sammo replies. “We need to stop at The Quarryand have a nice chat with Sully Mathis first, now that we know he’s in with the Institute.”

“Agreed,” Mistyfast interjects while drawing her scattergun and begins polishing it.

“We need to patch the Stuart, and get Elmo on his feet first. Where can we hole up for a few hours?” Droid asks Snake. Snake suggests Boston Airport, as the Steel Knights had already cleared it of hostiles, and it is just a few kilometers away. Sammo changes course and speeds in the direction Snake points to.

In route Droid decides to use the Stuart’s console to reach out to the Mysterious Benefactor, and with a few keystrokes he contacts him. Droid discovers that this “person” is really an AI in orbit called “Comsat”, and its become very lonely ever since its “masters” have died. Comsat tells Droid that it was the one responsible for waking the team early from their cryogenic freeze; to help stop the Combine from killing more humans.

Boston International Airport

They glide over the crumbling, weed filled tarmac and find a large hanger, locked securely. Mistyfast jumps out and pops out her plasma torch concealed in her arm and begins carving a way in. They slowly glide through the smoking opening and Sammo settles the APC down, its electromagnetic props winding down slowly to silence.

The team disperses and quickly assess the building and find it suitable. Droid stumbles upon a body zipped up in a bedroll. He slowly unzips it and hundreds of long legged hairy bugs scatter and scurry away. The body is mostly decomposed and Droid finds a compound bow in its death’s embrace, along with a few arrows.

Mistyfast and Droid than work a few hours to repair the hole the Widowmaker blasted through the bow of the Stuart. Mistyfast than uses parts from the Stuart’s communication array, and some of the components from the Automaton Dog she had scavenged, and creates an energy field, just large enough to surround her.

“Well, well, well,” She says, “Looks like I did learn a few tricks from ”/characters/sturges" class=“wiki-content-link”>Sturges after all." She clips the device to her belt.

“What the hell is that?” Droid asks, eyeing it suspiciously.

“Its a Cobalt Lithium Ion Taceon Shield,” she states, obviously.

“C.L.I.T.S. … Really?” Droid replies.

Mistyfast just grins, “Don’t be jealous.”

Sammo turns his head and offers, “Well at least you have one now that actually works.”

The scavenging and repairs take most the day and they slide out as the sun descends below the horizon. They head back out over the sound and follow it inland, when suddenly chatter begins coming across a static filled channel on the APC’s radio.

Droid begins tuning the dials and picks up a mayday signal from Paladin Danse requesting immediate evac.

Not sure what the Cyborgs will do, Snake quickly says, “We need all the help we can get, we need to respond.” Sammo considers for a moment, than makes up his mind and doubles back, taking a side channel, and roars to the position Danse sends via the comm. Mistyfast just rolls her eyes.

Sammo finds a point where he can exit the water, and tears up onto the rubble strewn road while they see the flashes of gunfire lighting up twilight behind a row of buildings. He finds a densely packed street and no easy egress to the action so he smoothly glides the Stuart to a secure spot and they all bolt and head to Danse’s aid, save Droid, who stays behind to watch the APC.

Cambridge Police Station

They come upon a scene of carnage behind an old police station, as dozens of Burnin Dead storm Paladin Danse’s position. Danse is low on ammo and is taking small, controlled bursts to conserve it. The team moves up and take positions along a low, concrete wall.

Dozens of flaming corpses lay on the street, and they keep coming. One leaps on top of a Knight Initiate and rakes his helmet off, and its other claw teas his throat open.

“Fall back!” Dane yells.

The teams slowly moves back towards the Stuart, firing as they retreat. When they get to the APC, Elmo climbs into the heavy laser’s controls, and fires while Droid shoots out the side port window,, killing most of the chasing dead, and the team mops up the rest.

Danse says, “That was a close one boys, we crashed landed on the roof of this police station after taking a direct hit from a Combine Raptor. We got it though before we ditched.”

Mistyfast walks up to him and says, “We’ve had our own problems, and now that we’re done saving your ass, we are leaving.”

“And leave the VTOL behind?! There aren’t many of these aircrafts left, " Danse offers and looks right at Snake seeking support.

“Look, we might be able to help you, for something like, I dunno, for something worth the cost of some power armor… or just your power armor,” Mistyfast says sarcastically.

Danse reaches up and wipes some gore off the chest of his armor, revealing his Major stripes.

“For fuck’s sake…. " Mistyfast exhales.

“You were saying, gear head? Let’s go fix that bird, that’s an order,” Danse tersely says and turns.

They go to the roof and Mistyfast and Droid get to work on the Vertibird while the rest of the team scrounge the building, finding some ammo and components. They decide to bed down for the night and wait for dawn, which is where you’ll have to wait as well, to see what happens on the next session of…




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