Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Operation Damocles: Session 12

Journal Entry - Captain Snakowski


Journal Entry 2097.11.21

Snakowski, Jerry – Captain of SkyRaider I

Where do I begin? Shits gone upside down…should have listened to Kramer, he warned me about hiring on with The Librarians once I found out the Knights were involved… trouble is drawn to those guys like bloatflies to corpses.

We crossed the Mississippi two weeks ago, keeping Sky Raider I about 50 feet above the tree line. Nothing, and I mean nothing for hundreds of miles but devastation, and walking dead. I heard the rumors, but to see them, man, tens of thousands of walking, rotting corpses… nothing prepares you for that.


Fast forward to the last few days here in Boston, well, what’s left of it. Paladin Danse’s gut about Arcjet has proven pretty accurate. We just barely got there before the Combine moved in and secured the Beryllium Agig-macallit, whatever it is…. Something they need, and we kept away from them. Well its done, for good, according to the deaders…. not sure if I can fully trust them yet, but they’ve gone above and beyond, well, way beyond what I was told to ever trust one of them cyborg things.

They put up one hell of a fight against those fuck’n Trogs, that’s for sure. Sacrificed a lot to keep our secrets safe. That civilian, Jaheria, she died too. And that Scribe Haylen, the librarian envoy.

Guess I owe them, it pains me to write that, but its true. Doctor Rogers did them good by messing with their chips, getting them healed up and walking, all but that creepy one… Elmo I think his name is. Creepier now since the “Ghost Storm” got him. Not looking forward to being around when he comes to and see’s his new reflection.

Sky Raider I is scrapped. I gathered up what was left of the crew, mostly bloody and beaten. The only Knight left standing was that initiate Carter, and we lost him when we came up against those robot dogs getting out of dodge.. Jesus. We’d all be dead if it wasn’t for that cyborg, Droid, and his X-ray vision or whatever. He saw them sneaking up on us, he gave us a chance. We still lost 5 more in that fight when they surprised us with those machine guns nestled in their chest. Good thing is, that knocked me back to reality, woke me up out of my stupor, my crew was shredded, but I got one of them chrome bastards right between its glowing fucking eyes.

I had to send the cyborgs back to scuttle the BA…. we forgot to destroy it before we left the ship. Head was in a fog, too many marks in the loss column. Thought for sure that would be the end of them, but damn if they didn’t get the job done, and they even returned.

And in style.

They came upon an old Canadian military convoy, and here there was one of them Stuart APCs, the ones with the heavy laser, and nuclear powered…. they got it running and pulled up like they owned the place or something. Hilarious. Did I mention it hovers too?

Anyhow, we loaded up and I told them to make a break for it pronto. We punched through the radiation barrier—the Ghost Storm—like knife through a belly. It ended up bad though. Doc Rogers got turned inside out, literally. Rads ate her up and she ended up all over the inside of our new ride.

And that Elmo deader…. his face looks like it melted. Good thing he was still out, that had to hurt like hell. Do they even feel pain?

That’s the good news.

On the other side we ran dead into a Combine patrol… 30 black hats, following behind a pair of Automatons. Mistyfast, that hot red head deader, got ‘em though real good. She launched a couple of 40mm’s at them and blew them to kingdom come.

They had a Widowmaker too. Came out from behind one of the ruins, all 15 ft, and three legs of it. It had its own shiny laser too, and blasted a hole right through bow of the Stuart. The blast took out Bendrix, boiled him alive. Bastards.

Who would’ve guessed that fat cyborg Sammo could drive like that!? He is the slowest moving thing I’ve ever seen on two feet, but get him behind the wheel, he’s Mario Andretti the 5th. He shot us out of there like a wet turd in a lubed up poop chute, right out over the harbor. Left that Widowmaker with nothing but our stink.

No word from Danse since I sent him back to Arcjet to retrieve that teleportation tech. God, I hope he and that vertibird are still alive and well…

He is our only shot at getting out of this hell.

Snake out



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