The Harvest

The Combine’s General Throckmorton
had long set his sites on Junkyard. But to
take down the home of the Iron Alliance
he knew he’d need more than just his
robotic automatons and Black Hats. It
took a few years, but Throckmorton
convinced Silas Rasmussen and his
mutants to ally with his legions in
exchange for free plunder of Junkyard.

The showdown came on New
Year’s Day of 2096. On one side stood
Junkyard and her allies, called the Iron
Alliance; on the other, the Combine
and the mutant hordes of the Cult
of Doom. Throckmorton called the
attack Operation Harvest—later just
“the Harvest”—as a nod to his Combine
threshing the chaff (the Iron Alliance) from
the wheat (his troops and the mutants).

During the Harvest, Rasmussen’s mutants
attacked a blocking force composed of
the Convoy and Joan’s Heretics south of
Junkyard. Just as it seemed the glowing
horde would overrun the Iron Alliance’s
positions, the legendary Harbinger
descended from the sky in a sleek black
ship, and revealed himself at last…
…to be none other than Dr. Darius

He had returned from his long
absence, and in a shiny white new body,
to boot. More importantly, a blazing red
electronic eye was mounted in the center of
his robotic head. The mutants—both Heretic
and Silas’ faithful—were awestruck, and the
attack on the Iron Alliance petered out as
the mutant horde followed Hellstromme’s
orders to return to the City o’ Sin and await
his arrival. Some of the more radical stayed
to take part in the slaughter, but without the
Mutant King’s Cult of Doom, the Combine’s
“Harvest” broke on the walls of Junkyard.

Most in the Alliance wanted to call
it quits there, but the* Grand Master of
the Templars, Jo,* convinced the army to
counterattack and pursue the Combine
all the way back to Denver. The next big
twist was a reverse of what happened at
Junkyard. The Iron Alliance was on the
outskirts of Denver when a new—actually
very old—player emerged.


The Harvest

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