Ack-Ack's 11

The 11 controlled the north-western territory of the outlaying area of Boston. They held several small communities under their thumb, and extorted supplies in exchange for “protection”. The communities included Abernathy Farm, Ten Pines, Concord, and The Quarry.

The 11 have been wiped out by the assault of our C-SOG Soldiers

Ack-Ack has since escaped, and 4 of her followers, including Bug, Scar, Malachai and Mercatroid were given a vehicle, and released by our c-SOG team as they could no longer provide medical treatment and supplies at the expense of themselves, and their new found Minutemen friends.

UPDATE: Bug, Scar, Malachai and Mercatroid returned to the party with supplies, in an attempt to buy their way back into the community. They were accepted and assigned roles of guards at The Quarry and Abernathy Pines.

When ACK-ACK attacked Abernathy Farms, Mercatroid stayed true to the Minutemen and attacked her, but was killed, as was Ack-Ack.

Ack-Ack's 11

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