Abernathy Farm


Home of Blake Abernathy, Colleen Abernathy, and their daughter, Lucy Abernathy, along with several other farmers (Carl being the exception, he mans the utmost top of the electrical tower they converted into an abode. Surrounding this are a few sad looking fields of potatoes and cabbage.

They do have something unique however, a old refurbished water purification system sitting on a man made pond, which gets fed from the nearby river. It produces 1d4 gallons of water a day. It could be made to operate more efficiently with some repair know-how. 2d4 gallons (UPDATE: Carver was able to get this done).

Recently Bake and Colleen’s other daughter, Mary, was killed by a raider cheif named Ack-Ack after a disagreement during Ack-Ack’s weekly protection shake down.

The c-SOG team partnered up with Lucy and wiped out Ack-Ack’s base at Olivia Station, gaining the team much prestige and influence at the farm.

Known Residence
Blake Abernathy
Colleen Abernathy
Carl – dead
Lucy Abernathy
Mercatroid – dead

Abernathy Farm

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