Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Operation Damocles : Session 9
The United States of Earl


Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

November 18th – 20th, 2097

Absent—Srgt. Rex

Wicked Fleet Shipping

The party stands in the chilly morning air facing their old friends and fellow C-SOP members Pam ‘Mister’ Rivera & Nicole ‘Patch’ Smith, who are fully uniformed and at attention. Rivera is wearing a US Major’s uniform, and between them a floating Sputnik quietly hums.

Rivera tells them its good to see them after all these years. The party is skeptical and wants to know how she knows that they were awakened from cryogenic freeze. She tells them that she has eyes all throughout the commonwealth, always watching.

She asks if they are prepared to fulfill their duty to their country and follow through with their vow of restoring the USA, and civilization. After several questions in regards to what the hell is going on, what she had been doing all this time, and who the hell is in charge, the party finally and unanimously agrees.

Suddenly a team of men wearing Black Hats emerge for the treeline pushing a young woman (Jaheria) at gun point. Rivera demands to know what’s she’s heard. Everything. She gives her a choice, die or become a soldier for the United States of America.

“Um, life please,” she says.

Rivera hands each party member a small microchip. They suddenly feel an electrical charge through their body and…


They are all standing in a large room, on top of white glowing disks embedded into the floor. A glass wall faces them, behind which a dozen or so technicians move about doing technical things.

“Sweet, like Star Trek, " Misty says.

“A door opens and a man walks in, who has an odd device attached to his face, over his left eye, which scans the room independently of his right eye, giving the impression of a chameleon; a chameleon with one red glowing eye made of metal.

“Welcome home, soldiers,” he declares. "I am Marshal E Gates, leader of the United States of America."

Misty begins to have strange memories flash through her mind, and an anger begin to rise up, like her subconscious is trying to scratch and tear through her mind. She’s sees an image of her and this man in Paris on a bright sunny day; a Christmas morning in a small living room, exchanging gifts; a quiet dinner with some red wine while they laugh at something said….

Marshal E Gates… E Gates…E… Earl. His name is Earl.

She doesn’t know why, but she know he must die.

She contains her rage, barely. (spirit roll made) but declares to herself that she will not trust this man, and undo whatever this man has made. Now she has to convince everyone else!

Marshal E Gates gives them free reign of the facility, and tells them they are far below the ground, the surface no longer reachable except through the teleportation technology that they developed, based on work the CIT scientists had been doing before the war.

They are sent to Biorobotics where they discover that their Cyborg frames had more tricks they had yet to discover. (they picked one more Cyborg Edge that they still had open) ‘Droid’ Carver discovered his implanted Electromagnetic Spectrum Eyes; Capt. Samo Hung his heavy armor framework; Elmo Maddox discovered his concealed melee weapon in his arm; and Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver her concealed plasma torch within her wrist.

They were also implanted with a chip at the base of their necks. Droid is able to sneak a peek at one of the computers, and finds a list of sleeper agents in the commonwealth. He recognizes one, Sully, mayor of The Quarry. He informs the team and now it makes sense how CIT knew where to find them…

Jaheria however was handled roughly, and taken to interrogation, where she was subjected to rigorous questioning, and an attempt to brainwash her through a subliminal visualization technology. (she made her spirit roll with a raise, and avoided the mind fuck)

They also implant a chip in the base of her skull, and said it would be in her best interests to obey orders, and not attempt to run. She is given a uniform, and a black hat. Welcome to the US Army, soldier. You’ll be on the front lines.

Meanwhile… the party notices that most of the occupants of CIT walk around with colored headgear; red, black, green… they are given grey helmets, and black fatigues along with a kevlar vest. They are also handed impressive firepower.


At 12:00 they meet with Marshal E Gates who lays out his objective. He needs to find a Beryllium Agitator to power a nearby factory, so he can create his army, which he needs to restore the United States to power. He needs the party’s help in retrieving this power source from Arcjet Laboratories in the ruins of Boston.

When they ask him what type of army he plans on creating at the factory, he says, “I present you my prototypes!” Two large metal figures emerge from doorways behind him. “Automatons. The future is for us, the machines, the time of man is at an end. This is the future of the United States.”

“You mean the United States of Earl, " Droid whispers…

Arcjet Laboraties

A few days later…

The party, led by Rivera, and followed by 6 black hats, (one of whom is Jaheria), teleport to Arcjet and enter the building. Droid’s new cybernetic vision notices a computer keypad on the wall with a low-voltage signal. He is able to hack it and bring up some lighting.

They find their way through the winding, ruined hallways and discover several pods filled with security robots. Droid is able to disarm the security system that would’ve awakened them.

They find the checkpoint that gained access to the lower levels. As soon as they open the security doors, several armed soldiers on the other side attack. Misty makes quick work of them with a well placed grenade, and her shotgun. No survivors.

The next hallway is guarded by a ceiling turret, which nails Misty in the head, knocking her back into the room. (she took a direct hit and two wounds, her soak roll turned up as snake eyes. She rolled on the damage table and lost a smart die until repaired)

Samo grabs a desk and uses it as a shield and runs down the hallway, swinging his axe at the turret shattering it. A dozen guns open up on him as the room is filled with more soldiers.

Samo tries to communicate with them, but they just respond with, “Die machines!”

Droid accesses the security system again and finds the room has three more turrets, and sets them to target human heat signatures only. one of the players played a “reinforcements” adventure card

Jake plays a No Soak Rolls Allowed adventure card in hopes of killing the cyborgs!

The turrets wipe out the remaining human resistance, with one escaping, and one now captive. Rivera attempts to interrogate this captive, but gets no where, so sends the prisoner outside along with a few black hats, ordering them to return to CIT.

During the questioning, Jaheria whispers to Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer that she is a friend of Lucy Abernathy, and Lucy had sent her to find and help them.

Meanwhile Misty and Hung agree that this is FUBAR, and need a plan. But its Doc who makes the first move. She has had enough of this, and tells Rivera to free the human black hats, who clearly are only being used as meat shields.

Rivera refuses so Doc raises her gun, but as she does her head suddenly explodes in a mist of brains and skull fragments.

“Use that as a lesson, do not question my orders,” Rivera coldy states.

Message received.

They all jump to attention and follow Rivera to an elevator. Misty finds a c-4 bomb planted inside and disarms it and they all descend.

The elevator opens up into a silo of some sort There appears to be a missile below the platform they emerged onto. They are unable to see into the darkness above.

“Lets move, " Rivera orders.

Nobody disobeys…

To Be Continued on the next episode of Operaton Damocles!

Operation Damocles : Session 8
Hunk of Burnin Dead


Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

November 16th – 18th, 2097

Absent— ‘Droid’ Carver

Abernathy Farm

The party bury the dead, and pull Ack-Ack’s truck from the wrecked shack. Blake Abernathy asks if he can move his family, and the rest of his farm community to USAF Olivia Station now that their home is in ruins. The party agrees, and they arrange for the water purification system to be relocated to The Quarry

USAF Olivia Station

Back at base, the party confers with Sturges, who finished disecting Slade’s corpse. He discovered a computer module stored in the brain, and it was attached to an odd device covered in runes. He said there was no doubt it was weird science at work; strange magic and he didn’t completely understand its purpose, but would continue to dig in to it.

He also said there was another strange occular device in Slade’s head that appeared to have never been activated. He was excited to get a hold of Ack-Ack’s corpse to continue his research, with a little too much enthusiasm.

In the darkest part of the night, ‘Gypsy’ Imoen has a terrible dream where she is buried alive and has to claw her way to the surface, and she sees Olivia Station and stumbles towards it. She ends up inside and see’s Slade’s reflection in a computer monitor, and her own face behind him, with a gun drawn, than blackness. She is startled awake.

This ends up being a portent of things to come…

In the dawn’s early morning light, Sully Mathis, mayor of The Quarry, arrives and asks the party if they would clear out Wicked Fleet Shipping, a pre-war shipping company that hasn’t been touched due to the… zombie problem. This gets the party’s attention and they agree to help, as they hope to find some good scavenged items as it probably hasn’t been touched in 16 years.

Sully looks at Gypsy and says, “Murderer”, but no one else notices.

They load up into one of the truck’s and head out on the 9 mile trek east of their base, just passed the outskirts of Concord.

The pull up a mile or so short and ‘Gypsy’ Imoen volunteers to scout ahead. They link into her comm to see what she see’s. They push the truck along behind to keep the element of surprise.

Gypsy walks the rocky, wooded perimeter surrounding Wicked Fleet Shipping and enters in the fenced area. She unlocks a padlocked trailer to find it full of corpses that begin to rise. She quickly slams the trailer shut and re-locks it!

She turns and approaches the building when she is noticed by more undead laying beneath the debris in the loading docks. Flames erupt from their eyes and opened mouths as they loudly moan, throwing her in panic.

Gypsy stares at the zombie as it lurches towards her, frozen in fear. She see’s that it has Slades face. Another one approaches and she see’s it too has Slade’s accusing glare!

“Murderer” it says and attacks! The force of the blow knocks her backwards, hitting the ground hard, and ‘Gypsy’ Imoen’s eyes close for the last time.

  • Jake missed Gypsy’s fear check, and becomes shaken. The zombies beat her initiative and one hits with 4 raises!

The rest of the party arrive, but its too late for Gypsy, the Burnin Dead have broken through her skull and are feasting on the moist, grey tissue beneath with greedy abandon.

Once the undead outside were dealt with, Capt. Samo Hung wants to proceed inside, to which Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver exlaims, “What!? We just lost 20% of our unit!”

Hung replies, “Yeah, but 0% of our fighting force!” Benny Achieved

They enter the facility and are almost immediately beset upon by over a dozen more flaming undead creatures. Quick action with a grenade takes out a significant percentage of them, and the “BIG BAD” shows up, but is promptly head shot by Elmo Maddox. It erupts in a terrible irradiated blast, but the party is able to avoid it.

They mop up the rest and only Samo Hung takes any further damage. They then spend 12 hours scrounging the building for supplies and decide to make camp here for the night.

In the middle of the night, during Elmo Maddox’s watch, a figure watches him patrol from the treeline. Its Jaheria, Jakes new character , and her finger has pulled her bow string Taut—ready to snipe him—mistaking him for a raider. She hesitates, and instead considers releasing the zombies from the locked trailer nearby, to have them attack the sleeping party. Something stops her, and she decides to just watch and wait.

In the morning, as the party gears up, three loud, strange “popping” sounds are heard outside, and Jaheria is startled to see three figures appear out of no where just a few dozen yards in front of her. The familiar voice of Pam ‘Mister’ Rivera comes across Samo’s comm.

“Hey Samo, come outside. We should talk…”

The party guardedly complies and walk out to find Rivera, Nicole ‘Patch’ Smith and a strange, floating machine that looks like “Sputnik” waiting for them.

“Hi guys, we have business to discuss…”


Operation Damocles : Session 7
The Dead Returned; A Dark Secret Revealed; Ack-Ack part II


Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

November 8th – 16th, 2097

Absent: Elmo Maddox | Srgt. Rex

Ten Pines
The party, still shell shocked from their encounter with the unearthly hounds, collect their wounded, but before departing find a bloody, left-handed palm print on the side of a nearby shed and the number eleven painted in blood.

As they drive back to USAF Olivia Station, they receive a call over their comm from Elmo Maddox telling them to get back to base, asap.

They arrive to find the base unguarded and assume the worst and proceed inside cautiously.

The Dead Returned
They walk into a tense confrontation between Elmo, Rex, Preston Garvey and his followers, and an unexpected visitor… Slade, their fallen c-SOG comrade who they buried behind Olivia Station several days earlier.

Slade slowly turns and stares at their arrival and asks, “What… What is happening to me!” The party notices the tips of his fingers are torn away, revealing shiny claw-like metallic finger bones.

Slade slowly makes his way to a chair and sits down, while Sturges checks his vitals and reports back to the team, that there are no vitals, Slade appears to still be dead.

Everyone is terrified, and in the moment of panic, ‘Gypsy’ Imoen silently walks up behind Slade, draws her 9mm, and shoots him the back of the head, killing him—again.

Anger and confusion from everyone, but Gypsy just shrugs and says that Slade clearly was an unnatural undead horror, and had to be put down.

A Dark Secret Revealed
Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver furious at Gypsy’s unremorseful behavior goes over to Capt. Samo Hung’s unconscious form and stops in her tracks. The light from the ceiling is reflecting off of the large, gaping wound in his face. The others notice her staring and see it too. They investigate and find that Hung, their leader, also has some sort of metallic skeleton underneath his flesh.

A horrified, knowing expression falls on ‘Droid’ Carver’s face, and pulls out his knife and peels the flesh away from his own finger, revealing that he too, has a metal skeleton. The others C-SOg soldiers follow suit, and stare in disbelieve at one another.

“We are $&%*ing Cyborgs! What did the military do to us!”, Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver exclaims. And they begin to think back to all the evidence over the last week since awakening from their 16 year slumber: the odd comment by the Vault 11 security officer in his log stating, “We should have told them the truth…”, the way the raiders drugs never worked on them, how Ack-Ack was able to have an integrated gatling gun as a right arm….

All of the c-SOG soldiers, both Team Alpha and Team Bravo, must have been… changed, when they were in cryogenic stasis.

Gypsy reflects on her recent act, her killing of Slade, and how now she understood that he was as they are, an almost unstoppable killing machine. Slade was only disorientated, confused, looking for help amongst friends. Now forever gone in a moment of terror.

Preston Garvey and his followers agree to trust the party, for now. But there are serious reservations. Sturges agrees to study Slades remains, in hopes to come up with more answers. Sturges does say that his old mentor, Jonesy, told him once that he worked for the US military, making machines out of men, to fight against the Confederates.

The party rests for several days to lick their wounds and come to terms with there newly revealed dark-secret.

Hung improves quickly, and is soon nearly fully recovered save his new scar on his face.

Carver spends time trying to reach the Mysterious Benefactor on the satellite’s terminal and finally reaches her/him, and discovers whomever this person is, they are in earth’s orbit, directly over North America, and simplly calls herself, “a friend”. S/he also gives Carver a new command code that opens up the ability to see through his teammates eyes, he shares this with the reset of the party.

Return of Bug
During their repose, the exiled Ack-Ack raiders: Bug, Scar, Mercatroid & Malachai return with a truck load of supplies retrieved from a cache that Ack-Ack had set aside in the hills in case of an emergency. They say it was already picked through, but this was what remained, and offered it to the party in exchange for refuge, and a place among the Minutemen, citing the mercy shown to them moved them, and they want to remain to help. The party accepts them with the understanding that they still had a long way to go to earn their trust, and promptly arm and train them.

Gypsy takes to patrolling between the nearby settlements of The Quarry and Abernathy Farm, and the rest of group begins training the settlements in defensive tactics and maneuvers so they can better defend themselves against the threats of the wasteland.

Bug and Scar move to The Quarry acting as town guards, and Malachai and Mercatroid do the same at Abernathy Farms.

A Trader Arrives
Gypsy, while at The Quarry, meets Carla, a trader who moves between Bunker Hill and the rest of the commonwealth around Boston. She travels in an old yellow school bus, with a tricked out 4-wheel lifter kit, and flame thrower mounts. She is accompanied by her four sons, who serve as bodyguards.

Gypsy also learns that Concord is the scene of a massacre, where dozens of raiders were drawn and quartered, and hung about the town, along with a sign that read, “Lawbreakers beware your fate. – The Minutemen have returned”

The party immediately believes Ack-Ack is responsible, attempting to turn the area against them.

Gypsy trades away most of her armaments found the last few days, and purchases a compound bow. Carla moves on to Olivia Station where the rest of the group makes some trades as well.

Ack-Ack, Part II
On the 8th day since the discovery of their machine-like nature, Gypsy travels to Abernathy Farms in hopes to do some trading with Lucy Abernathy to get some arrows, when suddenly a truck crests the hill and barrels down upon the hapless farming community.

Gypsy quickly radios for help, and the rest of team luckily were just down the road but can’t get there in time before all hell breaks loose.

Carl, stationed along the roof of Abernathy Farms tower, takes a shot at Ack-Ack but misses, and she crashes her truck into the building, collapsing the structure in upon itself.

Carl somehow survives and see’s Ack-Ack getting out of her truck and shoots, but is too shaken to hit. Ack-Ack returns fire blowing him outside the entry way, instantly killing him.

Blake Abernathy and Gypsy move in and exchange gun fire with Ack-Ack, when the rest of the party arrives on the scene. Ack-Ack attempts to toss a grenade but drops it instead, damaging herself and killing Mercatroid, who was sneaking up behind her in the bed of the truck!

Ack-Ack, though a powerful adversary, was outnumbered and over-matched by our heroes and their allies, finally falls, and for the last time.

As the dust settles, the party suddenly hears a strange sound coming from the sky. They turn and spot a strange craft in the distance; a large dirigible easily a hundred yards across, slowly moving along the horizon, drifting towards downtown Boston…

So ends the first chapter of Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded.

Operation Damocles - Session 6
"Maybe Ack-Ack is.. re-arming."


Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

Nov. 1st – 8th, 2097

Absent: Elmo Maddox | Srgt. Rex
NPC: Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer


The party meets the survivors of Concord trapped in a church: Preston Garvey, Sturges, Mama Murphy, and Mr. and Mrs. Jung (who took a bullet in the gut, but is still alive). Preston is the leader and introduces themselves as the last remaining Minutemen in the commonwealth.

As they are talking they hear a car door, and an engine start and rush outside to see that Ack-Ack, somehow alive and able to remove the ropes holding her to the truck, got in and drove off!

Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer though injured, runs over to Capt. Samo Hung , who had fallen to the raiders bullets, and begins providing first aid. Hung remains unconscious so the group radios in to ‘Gypsy’ Imoen to bring one of the other trucks to pick them up.

He arrives in 15 minutes and they load up Hung, and the rest of the survivors, and head back to USAF Olivia Station

They spend 5 days recuperating and in that time its discovered that Mama Murphy has psychic powers and is able to “see” things. She wont talk about the mark on her forehead or her past, but she tells them, after taking some drugs the party provides her, that only danger waits for them at CIT

Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver , finding out that Sturges is what is known as a Junker, begins tutelage under his mentorship. But not before she witnesses Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer going to Sturges for something, just before working on Capt. Samo Hung, who lay on their scavenged Medboard unconscious. When Mist confronts Doc, she acts annoyed to have been questioned. “Let me do my damn job!” Misty backs off.

When Hung is back on his feet after a few days, he and Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver interrogate Scar, one of the wounded raider survivors from Ack-Ack’s group, who tells them that a man named Jonesy, an old Junker, gave Ack-Ack her gatling gun, and Ack-Ack killed him as payment. He swears that he has no idea where Ack-Ack would’ve gone into hiding at.

That’s the question they all ponder. Where did Ack-Ack go! ‘Droid’ Carver suggests that, “Maybe Ack-Ack is… re-arming”

Hung decides to free Bug, along with the other three raiders, include Scar, and has ‘Doc’ place Slades neck implant into his wound. Hung had Sturges use his skill to turn it into a tracking chip. It was somewhat successful, it only warns the team at its approach. Mistyfast is not happy with Hung for releasing the prisoners, and the fact that he also gave them one of the trucks. Perhaps she is wondering if this is ‘Nigeria’ all over again.

‘Droid’ Carver spent most the time at Abernathy Farm helping them with their water filtration system, improving it to twice its normal output.

On the 6th day they decide to travel to the remaining settlements; Ten Pines and The Quarry. In route, they pull over to do some hunting. Unfortunately a nasty fallout duststorm hits and they are forced to find shelter missed survival roll. The storm lasts several hours, losing most of the days light. The good news is that within a small cave they are sheltered in, they find a water purification kit and a hunting rifle amongst the bones of a long dead waster.

Ten Pines
The party finds Ten Pines in ruins. The main shelter is ablaze, and the settlers bodies lay on the ground. Its believed that they were executed. Its getting dark and cannot see much so they decide to return the next day.

The Quarry
The stop at The Quarry and drop Lucy off. They sell the hunting rifle and secure a hunter’s help named Skeeter in tracking down what happened at Ten Pines. They go back at first light.

Ten Pines
They return under dark and cloudy skies. Skeeter is only able to ascertain that it was one person, and one vehicle. The party is sure its Ack-Ack.

They spot movement in the surrounding woods, at first believing it to be another pack of feral dogs attracted to the sent of death.

Suddenly a terrifying howl cuts through their souls. Skeeter drops and hides under the truck, and Doc and Samo take of running. ‘Gypsy’ Imoen is so terrified she barely climbs a tree to safety. She missed her fear table roll, and how has a dog phobia

The creatures move in, a pack of black haired canines, with red glowing eyes. Their eyes too intelligent to be mere beasts. The party fights for their lives! Hung is dragged down by several of them, who bite and tear at his face.

But again, its Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver and her scattergun who saves the day, killing the remaining beasts.

They spot a larger dog, up on a outcrop of stone some distance away, who watches a few moments and turns back into the wood. Not before Misty gives it a pair of one-fingered salutes.

Operation Damocles - Session 5
"Return of the Minutemen"


Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

November 1st, 2097

Absent: Srgt. Rex | Elmo Maddox | ‘Gypsy’ Imoen
NPC: Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer

The party spends the evening at USAF Olivia Station to get some well needed rest and assess the situation.

While ‘Droid’ Carver is working at the terminal, he is contacted by an unnamed individual via text that simply states that s/he has been watching the party, and to NOT trust those at CIT

Capt. Samo Hung and Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver argue as to what to do with the surviving Raiders. They interrogate Bug who seems to be fully cooperating. He tells the team that Ack-Ack has been running the raiders for as long as he was part of them (Bug is early 20s maybe). She always has had a gatling gun arm, and doesn’t know how she got it. He fills them in that Ack-Ack controlled the NW territory of the commonwealth, with several settlements under her “protection”. The other raider gangs left them be, as there wasn’t shit this far from Boston worth fighting for.

They assess their supplies and have to decide to either share with wounded raiders, or shoot them in the head. Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer refuses to go along with killing them and convinces Hung to save them.

Meanwhile the Mysterious Benefactor that Carver has been talking to on the computer, gives him a code that turns on a comm unit that has been imbedded in the c-CSOG team’s neck apparently, allowing them to communicate over long distances.

They remove the chip from Slade’s corpse neck for study.

They then decide to take Lucy Abernathy home and strap Ack-Ack’s corpse to the hood of one of the three trucks they find parked outside. They travel to Abernathy Farm

Lucy tells her family how she was saved by the party, and they welcome them with open arms. Lucy’s father Blake Abernathy asks if they are Minutemen and explains their history.

Blake agrees to go with the party to Concord to introduce them to that settlement.

When they approach the are greeted by the echoing sound of gunfire off the buildings of the small town. They drop Blake off and speed off to save the community.

They find a group of raiders attacking some people trapped in an old church. The battle is bloody, and Capt. Samo Hung engages a large raider named Gristle in hand-to-hand combat, and wins.

However, he is shot down by several other raiders nearby shortly after. Doc takes one in the gut as does one of the survivors in the church.

Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver finishes the fight with her new scattergun along with the help of a strangely dressed man with a laser rifle, named. Preston Garvey

Operation Damocles - Session 4
"You still haven't figured it out yet!?"


Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

October 31st, 2097

Absent: ‘Gypsy’ Imoen | Srgt. Rex
NPCs: Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer

USAF Olivia Station

The party continues their descent into the bowels of USAF Olivia Station, somber from the lost of Slade. They push onward and enter a large room surround by a raised, grated walkway. Suddenly Ack-Ack appears, and they are shocked to discover it was one of their old comrades from Fire Team Bravo: Parsons!

Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver yells out, “Parsons! What the hell is going on!”

To which Ack-Ack responds, “Parsons doesn’t live here anymore. Wait, what? You STILL haven’t figured it out yet!?”. And opens up on Mistyfast with her gatling gun, which has replaced her right arm!

Mistyfast is heavily wounded and throws herself into cover. Two more raiders are concealed along the walkway. Elmo Maddox moves in, aims, and critically wounds Ack-Ack who drops. One raider runs, and the rest fall to the team’s superior training.

USAF Olivia Station is now resecured for the US of A.

Slade dead, Ack-Ack dead. 3 captured wounded raiders, and 1 one who tried to run, whose name is Bug.

After several hours of searching the facility, ‘Droid’ Carver hacks a terminal and is able to not only access a sealed supply room, but also gains access to the satellite array.

Items scrounged: a scattergun, and a .50 “Ripper”, several .32 pipe guns, a Medboard, and food/water.

Operation Damocles - Session 3


Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

October 31, 2097

Absent: Srgt. Rex | ‘Gypsy’ Imoen
NPCs: Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer | Slade

The party awakens after a night filled with hellashish storms. Slade challenges team leader Capt. Samo Hung, and says this better not be another “Nigeria”. Its revealed that Hung, Slade, Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver were part of a covert unit sent to Nigeria to set up a base of command, and recon the area to develop a sitrep of a local warlord. They were NOT to engage the enemy or the locals. However, Hung disobeyed and went to the rescue of a small village the warlord was attacking. Hung’s entire unit was wiped out save Slade, Mistyfast, and himself. Hung lost his hearing in the barrage of shelling the warlord had sent their way before being extracted under fire. This was developed using INTERLUDE rules

Slade ended by telling Hung that there would be no extraction this time. Don’t make the same mistake.

Elmo Maddox climbs to the roof of the gas station to get a better lay of the land, where he finds a guest, Lucy Abernathy, a 12 year-old wastlander, who knocks an arrow and aims it at him.

After a few tense moments, its discovered that Lucy is from a local farm, who is under the control of a local warlord named Ack-Ack. Ack-Ack killed Lucy’s sister, Mary, the day before and Lucy is out for blood.

She asks the party if they are friends with Ack-Ack, because she wears the same blue pajamas with the number 11 on the back!

This gets the party’s attention, and they agree to help her, with the agenda of finding out who from Vault 11, it could be.

They walk through a lightly wooded area for several miles when the come upon an old military structure known as USAF Olivia Station, which now is firmly in the control of some raiders.

They send Lucy up to get their attention in hopes of drawing the raiders out from the walled compound. Instead, they send out a pack of trained war dogs. War dogs with explosives attached to their collars, with a remote control held by one of the raiders.

Misty mutters, “Great. I.E.Dogs…”

Elmo Maddox makes a great shot and hits one of the explosives on a collar, and blows all the dogs up before they can reach the party. The rest is mop up time, however one of the raiders makes it into a cement structure which the party finds leads to a lower level below ground.

The party descends and are almost immediately attacked by more dogs, and some raiders with grenades, and sharpened hubcaps!

Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver picks one of the grenades up and tosses it back down a passageway, killing two raiders!

However, Slade is killed in the mayhem, the first of Fire Team Alpha to fall in this new, horror filled world.

Operation Damocles - Session 2
"Wild Kingdom"


Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded

October 30th, 2097 (late morning)

All players present
NPCs: Corp. Teri ‘Doc’ Stringer , Slade

The party walks down a dirt road that ends into a shallow river, and a washed out bridge. On the other side they discover the remnants of a small sub-division, that appears to have been homes for military families.

The team splits up with ‘Gypsy’ Imoen scouts ahead and ‘Droid’ Carver and Capt. Samo Hung enter a home where they find a radio. They try to jerry-rig it and begin pulling wire from the wall, and already weakened structure collapses all around them. (They both rolled snake-eyes trying to McGyver the radio attempting to make a transmitter).

They were able to dive out before taking injury, however the sound of the collapse stirred up some local varmints.

Several Bloatfles fly out from a hidden nest in a home, and begin shooting maggot-filled, radioactive fluids at our heroes, who quickly dispatch the bugs with some well considered double-taps and three round bursts.

The leader of the group, Capt. Samo Hung, makes the decision to make CIT their priority, but has no idea where its at. They know that its near Boston (successful common knowledge rolls)

They follow a road south and come across a minute man statue next to an old, wooden bridge. They realize that they are on the outskirts of Concord, MA.

A mile down the road they find a long abandoned gas station, that is still in reasonably good condition. They send in ‘Gypsy’ Imoen to scout it out, and he wakes up a pack of feral dogs. They overcome the threat, and discover that underneath the gas station is a toxic dump filled with radioactive molerats.

They find an old generator with a large battery within it, still holding a partial charge. ‘Droid’ Carver takes some radiation damage from the toxic dump he doesn’t realize is nearby.

They finish off the wildlife and thoroughly search the gas station and the underground dump. This takes them late into the afternoon and they decide to set camp inside the cinderblock building, finding the roof still was intact and easily defensible.

Scrounging revealed: a stripped down sports car on a car lift inside the gas station, a large battery, a medium battery.

Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded
First Session Notes


Operation Damocles

October 30, 2097

Vault 11

The players awaken from the frozen slumber in what to them feels like only a brief nap. Groggy and somewhat disoriented, they stretch their stiff and cold limbs. While they wait for the lid of their cryogenic chamber to completely open, they ponder their mission.

Operation Damocles: Operation Damocles was to be the US insurance policy in the event of a general nuclear exchange between the North and South. Select 16 Special Forces Group soldiers (c-SOG) were cryogenically frozen and placed in storage vaults throughout the US along with their equipment In the event of such a disaster, their mission would be two-fold: defeat any would-be warlords and help the survivors rebuild their communities.

They also had to take a vow to restore civilization and the US, in that order  Those chosen for this program will give their lives for that cause.

The 16 solders were separated into two fire teams; team Alpha and team Bravo. Each team were placed into separate chambers as a precaution, and each team’s specialists not grouped in the same team for redundancy.

Droid Carver, the teams computer whiz, quickly realizes something is wrong. He is unable to see a thing. Rex, team medic, took over helping Carver and together they head over to a terminal sitting near the door. Carver using Rex as his eyes, quickly makes short work of the terminals security protocol, and discovers only 16 years have passed since they were placed in stasis.

They also discover that fire team Bravo were awakened after just 6 months of being frozen!

They discover that somebody attempted to break into their chamber at one point, bullet holes riddle the control panel outside their door in the hallway. They move quickly to Fire Team Bravo’s cryogenic chamber to find it empty, having been opened by the vaults security police many years earlier, in what appears to have been an attempted coup.

Records on the security offices terminal reveal that 15 years prior, supplies were running out, and it was past the due date for the vault’s staff replacements. The vault’s leader, Marshal H. Gates, isolated the science team from security and eventually locked himself and the scientists, and all the remaining provisions, away from the security team.

However one of the scientists named Jenny, had become lovers with the Security captain, and was able to get him the security codes to override the cyrogenic chamber for Fire Team Bravo. He released them, in hopes to gain their loyalty, and help take that vault back. However, the Marshal was able to remotely block them from entering Fire Team Alpha’s room.

The players explore the facility, eventually coming across a note, and some guns, wrapped up in a vault 11 jumpsuit. The note simply states:

“Best I could do. Shits gone FUBAR. Going Musketeer.” -Rivera.

The players understand that “musketeer” means “all for one, one for all”.

It was a code the Vault 11 c-SOG team agreed on in the event that high command had been compromised or destroyed. They will only look out for each other, screw everyone else.

They find the Marshal’s office and several long decayed corpses wearing Vault 11 security clothes, and one wearing a science lab overcoat, with the badge ID, “Jenny”. They deduce from the remains that the security team was shot in the back, and Jenny in the head.

From the Marshal’s terminal, they discover he left to lead the remaining survivors to another vault underneath C.I.T. as they were out of food.

After a brief encounter with a large swarm of cockroaches the size of rats (quickly dispatched with a well placed shot on a fire extinguisher mounted on the wall), they find the controls for the platform that leads them to the surface.

Once on top, they find the upper controls thoroughly destroyed. There’s no going back.

They scavenged:

  • a harmonica
  • some ghost juice
  • 8 9mm NA-Office pistols (2 laser sites non-functioning)
  • 15 rounds per gun
  • a submachine gun with a full clip
  • various canned and boxed food
  • a case of Pip-fiz
  • A Detroit Tiger Hat (Rex pulled a Joker)

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