'Droid' Carver



Player: Dan Weills Jr.

Name: ‘Droid’ Carver
Race: Human
Faction: Harrowed

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting d6, Knowledge: Computers d10, Notice d10, Repair d10, Shooting d6, Survival d6, Taunt d10

Pace: 6, Parry: 5, Toughness: 12(6), Charisma: 0, Dominion: 0

Gear: NA M-21 (5.56) d6 (2d8, 20/40/80), Compound Bow d6 (2d6+1, 15/30/60), Unarmed Strike d6 (Str), Infantry Battle Suit (6), Infantry Battlesuit Helmet (4), (3x) Ammo (5.56mm) AP, Arrow, Backpack, Doom Game Souvenier: 1 Benny, Teleport Transponder, Water Purification Kit (10 Doses)

Special Abilities:
•Doubting Thomas: Rationalizes all weird or supernatural events
•Enemy (Unknown enemy): Someone is out to kill you
•Stubborn: Always wants his way; Never admits he’s wrong

•Computer Jack: Access computer systems; +2 skills to access
•Electromagnetic Eyes: Can see EM fields
•Cyborg, Light: Your deader is a Light model Cyborg
•Harrowed: You’re a deader.
•Infiltrator Package: Negates Harrowed CHA modifier; pas as living human
•Luck: +1 Bennie each game session
•McGyver: Rig creative solutions; No penalties for missing tools
•Scrounger: +2 to Notice rolls when scavenging; doube scavenging results.


Personal Details: Vow (M): Restore civilization & US government
Vow (M): Follow chain of command

Enlisted into the US Army as a computer repair technologist, his expertise led him to be hand-selected for several blackop missions targeting Confederate cyber targets.

He was hand selected for C-SOG mission 6 months prior to the last war and cryogenically frozen by a joint military/private operation to create “super soldiers” to re-establish the US government post-nuclear annihilation.

Exting cryogenic freeze after 16 years, Droid had an unexpected side-effect of temporary blindness and his vision never fully returned.

Escaping the wreckage of the Sky Raider I, Droid took a shot to the chest by a Automaton Dog, gaining a permanent scar.

Repelled the Combines attempt at establishing a base in the wastelands of the Eastern USA.

Hated arch-enemy J. ‘Mouse’ Kornfeld killed during the battle at CIT.

'Droid' Carver

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