Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Session 23: Stuart 3, Raptors 0

or Don't Bring A Raptor to a Stuart Fight


Players Present: Capt. Sammo Hung, Elmo Maddox, Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver, Lucy Abernathy, ‘Droid’ Carver, Srgt. Rex

December 31st, 2097 – Jan 4th, 2098

A black rain storm rolled in catching Lucy out hunting, and unable to find shelter, she soon succumbed to the irradiated elements. The party realizing she was missing fired up the newly repaired M-12 Stuart APC and went out looking for her. They found her unconscious form at the edge of a treeline and Droid retrieved her as he has a sealed battle armor suit.

They wait out the storm while Doc Zoydberg tended to the undead child’s corpse…

After the storm they return back at New Lincoln where they barter for some ammo and firearms. Macy, the town’s “mayor”, attempted to convince them to stay in town as protection. She also warned them about Jerry ‘Snake’ Snakowski saying they should not follow him anywhere, and that there’s a reason he’s called ’ Snake’…

They later confront Snake, who tells them how they were both members of the Sky Pirates during the ‘Battle of Worms’, and things happened which resulted in her no longer wanting to be part of their group, so she left. He would not elaborate, but he clearly was haunted by something.

The group ponders the invitation to remain in New Lincoln while back at the Stuart, and they have Droid contact ComSat to seek some advice. They are given a video feed of the massive battle from almost exactly 2 years ago. They witnessed the battle at the Junkyard, and at Denver, between the mutants, Iron Alliance and a mysterious Indian who commanded a legion of walking dead and strange creatures Snake called wormlings. They also witness a strange craft that appeared in the middle of the carnage. It was from Comsat’s perspective so it was hard to understand. However, Comsat made it clear that they were needed by the Iron Alliance and should seek out Ike Taylor.

“It is the end of days for humanity…”

Eugene, the captured green hat from Delorean Factory, is discovered to be a Librarian Scribe, who was captured and enslaved by the Combine 15 years ago. He offers bring Droid into the order, which he accepts and they begin their training.

With the party delayed from leaving by Connie Abernathy who would not allow them to leave with her child Lucy until it was clear that she was recovered from the black rain storm.

The town began celebrating the New Year when the party heard the approach of VTOLs and sped off to intercept.

They discover three Raptors approaching from the west and knock two out of the sky with the Stewy’s laser and 140mm turret they mounted from the train’s wreckage.

The last remaining Raptor took out the turret and was able to drop its cargo of Vengeance Brigade Automatons before being destroyed.

Unfortunately for the Combine, the Automatons did not have the firepower to destroy our posse’s ride, and it quickly became a turkey shoot as they melted the automatons to slag by slowly retreating and firing while the machines advanced.

It was clear the town was not safe, and after a few days of working on engineering a way to move the railcars from the wreckage to the tracks to be pulled behind the Stuart, Comsat revealed to the posse that a large legion of Combine forces were in route and would be upon them well before they could finish the project.

It was decided that the town would separate into three smaller groups and each would head out into the wastelands, eventually meeting up at the Junkyard in Utah. Oaf, Bug, and Fiddles left with them, with Bug promising Lucy to protect her mother, who also left in the group Macy was leading.

Only Snake, Doc Zoydberg and Eugene, continued on with our heroes.



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