Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Session 22: New Lincoln

The one where the train crashed


Players Present: Capt. Sammo Hung, Elmo Maddox, Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver, Lucy Abernathy, ‘Droid’ Carver

December 26th – 31st, 2097

Group finished off what was left of the Burnin Dead that had climbed on board the train in Chicago, helped by a great move by Misty who created a vortex havoc power which through several off the train.

They also discovered that the Burnin Dead emitted some sort of EMP blast when killed, which fried the Stuart’s circuits, and Misty and Elmos as well. After a brief moment they came back online however. The EMP temporarily shut down the cyborgs resulting in a dominion roll as the manitou tried to take advantage of the spirit fetter being ‘offline’ but were unsuccessful

“Sammo, you’d move faster if you just jumped up in the air, and let the train move underneath you!” – Mistyfast, after Sammo moved at his 3" pace. Benny achieved.


During the night, Fiddles, manning the train’s helm, announced the unremarkable transition from East to West with the traversing of the Mississippi river near Cedar Rapids. They continued for a few hours when Lucy noticed lights in the night sky.

Droid contacted Comsat, who verified that it was a Combine Raptor. After flying parallel with the train it sped off southwest…

After taking back his palmcorder from Droid, Mistyfast catches Snake swiping through data files of images of his pre-apocalypse family: a wife and daughter.


On the horizon, they spot Lincoln, Nebraska’s ruined skyline surrounded by a swirling barrier of ghost rock radiation, beautiful yet terrifying to behold. While speeding past it at 150 mph, Fiddles suddenly comes on the intercom—a frantic alarm beeping in the background—and orders everyone to prepare for impact!

The posse has just enough time to secure themselves when the train suddenly lurches and derails! It tumbles in the dry dirt of the High Plains, tossing its cargo like toys, and killing several passengers.

Luckily, none of the our heroes are seriously injured, and prepare to be attacked by Combine forces. However, its the locals who show up, some farmers from a nearby village— New Lincoln—who take credit sabotaging the railroad, and are most disappointed to discover that no black hats were on board.

Sammo, furious at the destruction of their tractor trailer, vertibird and the Stuart, almost kills their leader, Macy. But reason prevails and they go back to their town at Macy’s invitation, but not before its discovered that Snake and Macy know each other some how.

Over the next week, they heal up, repair the Stuart, though its clear it will never quite be the same, and do some salvaging off the train’s wreckage.

“Happy New Year’s Eve! Here’s hoping for a less hellish 2098! Muahahaha!” – your friendly GM.



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