Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Session 21: Midnight Train to Hell


Players Present: Capt. Sammo Hung, Elmo Maddox, Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver, Lucy Abernathy, ‘Droid’ Carver

December 12th – 26th, 2097

Jerry ‘Snake’ Snakowski went back to the Delorean Assembly Plant, taking the M-12 Stuart APC with him, to grab more men and [[Zoydberg, the green hat Combine medic. Lucy stayed behind to stand guard over the fallen cyborgs—Sammo, Elmo and Mistyfast.

Snake returns with Droid, Rex and several other ex-Quarry townfolk, along with Zoydberg, just in time as the Dogs o’ War returned. The battle did not take long, the Alpha was destroyed, and Snake gained some Coup from its death.

The group had action cards that healed themselves enough to rejoin the fight, and when the Alpha fell, Snake rolled the highest for the Coup its emitted upon its death, which was +2 to all future fear rolls

* Elmo and Sammo were both disemboweled and gain permanent scars to their gut
* With Snake’s hands so badly damaged, he has to talk Droid through the removal of the Titanium Vertical Gyrometer needed to fix their Vertibird

Doc Zoydberg, one of the rescued green hats, attempts to remove the HeadBanger Chips from the other black hat and green hat survivors, including herself. She and four other green hats survive the procedure, but only two black hats do.

After repairing the Vertibird they load it up onto the Combine’s train along with the Stuart and leave Boston behind, taking all remaining survivors with them.

They stop in New York, Washington DC and Chicago briefly while the automated system reroutes the train to the correct tracks that lead them back west towards Colorado.

While in DC, Lucy has an encounter with some sort of dopplganger spirit that looked just like her, and was hovering near some old children’s bones held within a rotted sleeping bag. Once Lucy burned the sleeping bag, it seemed to destroy the apparition.

In Chicago they are overwhelmed by Burnin Dead who had descended on the train station like a giant herd. The session ended by the train taking off just in time before they are overtaken, but several zombies are still on board…

* Lucy gained a momento



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