Deadlands HoER: Operation Damocles

Session 20: Dogs, Why Did It Have To Be Dogs...

Book2: Prologue


Players Present: Capt. Sammo Hung, Elmo Maddox, Tiffany ‘Mistyfast’ McGyver, Lucy Abernathy

November 28th, 2097

The posse continued to sweep through the Delorean Assembly Plant seeking to wipe out any remaining hostile elements, encountering a group of Green Hats hiding on the second floor in the factories cafeteria, where they surrendered and were rounded up.

Outside two remaining Red Hats stubbornly remained true to their machine overlords order of fighting to the bitter end, which they did, while several of their Black Hats contingent surrendered, especially after seeing Lucy shoot one of their captains between the eyes with an arrow, and the huge heavy cyborg, Sammo Hung, disiccate one of their friends by simply touching him. 11 remaining survivors found from The Quarry, along with 6 Green Hats, and 5 Black Hat soldiers

Over the next 14 days the posse work on repairing the Stewy, healing up, and scavenging the factory and surrounding area, where they hunted some fresh meat, found some water purification kits, and pried open an old Dr. Pepper machine, and found dozens of cans of the valued sugar water, while avoiding a nasty Black Rainstorm that blew through. They consumed 11 components healing and 9 lbs of meat

December 12th, 2097; morning

Jerry ‘Snake’ Snakowski realizes he will need some parts to repair the VTOL, and recalls that Jaheria once told them she saw one crashed in the hills outside of Concord. He talks to Lucy and she thinks she has an idea of where this might be, “Hacksaw Ridge, maybe,” so they head out in the Stuart in search of it.

In route they pass the burned out and fallen buildings north of the Delorean Factory and as the old urban area gives way to a more suburban topography, they pass an ancient yet still standing Drive-In theater, the massive screen now covered with strange black vines Lucy called “Black Vines”, though she said some people call them “Razor Vines”, due to their sharp leaves. She suggests its best to just avoid them altogether.

They follow the road to Vault 111’s access hatch, where it all began, and Lucy points out a nearby ridge and they move in that direction. They eventually have to ditch the Stewy as the trail narrows through the barren trees, and they have to begin a steep ascent to the top of the ridge.

They spot the Vertibird, hanging precariously just over the ridge’s edge, suspended by the black razor vine they spotted early at the drive-in theater. Lucy scrummages through her pack and finds some old rope she had picked up someplace, and Snake repels down to it cautiously, finding it rotted and rusted, but the much need parts are still intact.

Lucy climbs up a nearby tree to keep watch, while the rest of the posse stand at the ready, when they hear some branches snapping beneath the underbrush and turn just in time to see the ambush set upon them by a pack of fiendish looking hounds led by a massive dog-like creature with hellfire eyes! The posse stumbled upon the hunting grounds for the Dogs o’ War they encountered weeks ago! It looks like they have regrouped and are stronger, and quicker, than ever!

Before the posse knows what’s happening they are surrounded! Mistyfast tosses her last remaining ghost rock grenade, taking out 4 of the beasts, but its not enough. They quickly pull down Elmo!

Lucy fires from her perch in the tree, while Sammo and Mistyfast try and take the pack out that is now tearing towards them. Snake attempts to climb out of the VTOL but slips and narrowly escapes plunging to his certain death by grabbing onto the black vines covering the craft, slicing up his hands terribly in the process.

Only a few moments later both Sammo and Mistyfast are pulled down, when a wandering band of raiders appear. The Dogs tear after them, along with the Alpha, they pull one raider down with ease and continue the chase, leaving our heroes to feed on after the hunt is over!

To be continued…



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